Chase Center

If you are a fan of absolutely beautiful works of architecture, then you will love a lot of the many buildings situated across San Francisco, let alone the rest of the bay area. However, if you are looking for something that is also built in a modern style, and also provides you with great entertainment value, then look no further than the latest and greatest building in San Francisco – the Chase Center.

Primarily used as the home of the Warriors, the Chase Center is totally funded privately, which is a huge feat in and of itself, given that so many other similar sports franchises need to rely on public funding to create new stadiums or ballparks or whatever the case may be. Having this sort of money on hand is not necessarily unheard of for the kinds of people who own and operate professional sports teams, but it more importantly reflects on the level of success that the Golden State Warriors have had over the last few years while playing at Oracle Arena. Winning three championships in a five year span will certainly bring fans out to watch their team, and all of that revenue is reflected in the owner’s ability to put out a high-quality stadium that fans will love even more than Oracle Arena.

Unfortunately the Warriors 2019-2020 season has been a huge letdown (some might even call that an understatement), largely in part to injuries to most of their key players (not to mention Kevin Durant leaving town in the offseason), but that doesn’t take away from the overall experience of the Chase Center itself. The building itself is absolutely beautiful from the external structure and all of the various sculptures outside, to the well-designed interior. And the food is apparently to die for, with so many tantalizing options to choose from.

Although the product on the floor may stink if you are a Warriors fan, it is still just an experience to go out and see a game at the new center. Plus, since the Warriors stink so bad, tickets are surprisingly cheap compared to what they were when they played at Oracle Arena last year.

And if you aren’t a sports fan, there are still plenty of concert events that are taking place at Chase Center constantly. Although tickets are going to be more expensive for these types of events, you will at least have a great product and value for your money, all while taking in the Chase Center experience.

Even without any valid ticket to enter the Chase Center, whether it be for a Warriors game or for a concert event, you can still very easily check out the exterior of the center for free! The center is situated right across from a park and the bay, making for a beautiful scenic destination for anyone who wants to get a taste of the newest addition to San Francisco. Even if it is just one short stop on your journey around San Francisco, it will still be totally worth it!