San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

Art is almost a universal language, as it is something that just about everyone can appreciate to a certain degree, even if you may not necessarily feel cultured or similar. With this in mind, I think it is imperative that anyone who visits San Francisco makes it a point check the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (also known as the “SFMOMA”) off of their checklist.

The building itself is fairly symbolic of the contemporary focus of the art within, as it is just a stunning piece of architecture that in all honestly cannot truly be appreciated unless you look at it from afar. The building certainty sticks out, even amongst the modern buildings surrounding it, and it is in a prime location right in the heart of downtown San Francisco, and easily accessible via public transportation.

The museum itself holds a wide variety of different artwork, ranging from paintings, to photographs, to sculptures, and even what is known in some circles as “media arts” which incorporates the audience into the artwork in unique ways. Although originally known for dedicating itself to solely 20th century art (it was the first museum on the West Coast to do this at the time), the art featured in the museum has grown significantly over the years. In fact, to this day the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art is still one of the largest museums in the world specifically dedicated to modern art.

Over the years, this museum has not only debuted famous works of art, by famous artists, but has also amassed a substantial collection of artworks from famous artists overall, making this a truly incomparable museum. For example, Jackson Pollock had his first showing at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, and his work along with many other famous artists were acquired over the years to be displayed in the museum as well.

To the average museum-goer though, most of the artwork is not typically recognizable by name. Even so, there is plenty of benefit to checking out the artwork for what it is, and that is a beautiful display of talent. The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art is a massive complex, with many floors to explore, making it an all day affair for anyone who has the willpower to explore the entire museum in a single day.  If you are worried about getting fatigued at all, then don’t worry, because there is a café that you can use to refuel and recharge before you continue exploring the rest of the museum. Or if you perhaps want to get to everything but simply don’t have enough time, it is very common to take multiple days to explore the entirety of the museum.

Although going to a museum may not seem like a worthwhile use of your time in San Francisco, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art is definitely the exception to the rule. It is not just a museum but a true landmark of the entire bay area. So whether you are a tourist vising the bay for the first time, or even a resident who has never been to the museum before, make sure to take advantage of what the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art has to offer as soon as possible!