About Me

Hi there, readers! My name is Nicole Anderson, a proud lifelong resident of San Francisco. I have always loved everything this amazing city had to offer me growing up, and that love has only grown as I began my professional career in photography, taking countless breathtaking shots of San Francisco (as well as the surrounding Bay Area) on a regular basis. This city is my one and only muse, and the reason I created my website Sorella-Muse.com. With millions of people all over the world who have never stepped foot in San Francisco and experienced the culture and overall vibrancy of this great city, my hope is that Sorella Muse will enlighten people to how great of a city San Francisco truly is, ideally to the point where they decide to visit the city for themselves. Or if people are already planning to visit the city, my site will help them prepare for the amazing experience ahead of them, with things to do as well as things to expect of the city as a whole. San Francisco is truly a city like no other, and one that I hope everyone gets the chance to visit at least once in their lifetime!