The LGBTQ Community

Every year, at the end of June a massive parade and festival is held in San Francisco, known as San Francisco Pride Parade. Large swaths of bay area residents flock to this event not only to celebrate the city, but to celebrate a culture that is inherently linked to the greater bay area as well. This culture can readily be described as the LGBTQ culture, and it is one that defines the bay area itself.

Although the LGBTQ community is spread out all over the country, and even the world for that matter, San Francisco is the de-facto headquarters of the LGBTQ community. This is in large part due to the fact that San Francisco is where a lot of sex-based trends grew out of.

For example, many years ago, the people of San Francisco made the ownership and use of sex toys totally mainstream, when the rest of the world was still coming to grips with the viability of such products. And even in more recent times, other kinky sex practices have become mainstream precisely due to San Francisco taking the lead on normalizing such kinky activities and making them everyday occurrences. Even the typical “gay bar” that allows like-minded people to gather and interact in a friendly and inviting atmosphere, although not technically originating from San Francisco, is a stable of San Francisco nightlife today. Without a doubt, San Francisco’s LGBTQ community is a cultural leader and something that the entire city is proud of.

Although they still receive persecution from other cities and countries for their way of life to this day, we all know that such behavior is more indicative of a closed-mindedness towards new viewpoints rather than anything inherently with the way that LGBTQ people live their lives. In fact, that persecution has made the LGBTQ community stronger in a way, by bringing everyone together to fight against oppression at every turn. And this sort of mindset is ingrained into all of the people of San Francisco who support the LGBTQ community and what they stand for – primarily equality and the right to live life freely on your own terms (whether that be in terms of sexuality, or in terms of something else).

So even if you are not necessarily a member of the LGBTQ community, when you are in San Francisco, whether you are a tourist or a lifelong resident, you are interacting largely with people who at the very least support the LGBTQ cause. It is something that permeates through everything the residents do, from their overall mindset to how they treat others with respect and dignity, allowing anyone and everyone to live their lives as they personally see fit. So when visiting San Francisco, always keep this in mind throughout your days. Doing so will not only allow you to enjoy the San Francisco lifestyle for what it truly is, but it will also allow you to become a better and more tolerant person – which is something that any decent human being should want in their life.